Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Follow Me!

(Have you noticed that you can tell how busy my life is by how often I post?)
Blogger has a new tool to help you follow all of your favorite blogs.
You can become a follower to my blog and get feeds on your dashboard when I post.
It also helps me to know how many people love me and can't get enough of my blog. (Unless that number is so small that it makes me feel bad instead of good).
You can follow my blog (and the blogs of other people you think are awesome), by adding their blogs on your dashboard page, or by clicking on my Followers Box (On the right below my running log) where it says "Follow this blog".
As you can see, Pikes Pickles is the first to follow me.
Be next!


Pikes Pickles said...

I'll follow you wherever you go as long as your not running.

Della Hill said...

lol. So I will respecify that I want you to FOLLOW me, not CHASE me.