Friday, September 12, 2008

New Buddies at scouts

Some of you may know that I am the den leader for our cub scout pack.
If you know anything about scouting you are asking, "which den?"
Unfortunately we only have about 6 boys in our pack put together, so, lucky for me, I get them all.
One thing that is fun is that Mark is only 7 and can't technically join our pack for 6 more months. But since I am the den leader he gets to come anyway.
It was a good thing he came last night, because other than he and CJ, no one else did.
Especially since our theme this month is New Buddies, and all of our activities required at least 2 boys.
We were working on teamwork and our first project was to draw blindfolded pictures. One boy was blindfolded and drawing and the other boy gave him directions of what and how to draw.
They did surprizingly well.
Next we had a 3 legged race. Which was really just a lap around the room since there was no one to race against.
They did really well and worked together on the first lap. The second lap they tripped so CJ just picked Mark up and ran the rest of the way with him.
Teamwork at it's best.
Finally we did the "short guy with a humpback" activity, where one child put his arms through a pair of pants and hands into shoes which he rested on the table. The second child stands behind him, inside a large t-shirt that they share, but with boy #2s arms through the arm holes. Boy #2 reaches around and attempts to complete tasks for boy #1, including brushing teeth and eating.
They took turns.
Here were some of the results.

When I got called to do this they gave me the tip: If you're having fun, the boys are having fun.

We all had fun last night.

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Pikes Pickles said...

What cute kids and what a fun idea! I was den leader once. That was some serious work !

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I never did that with my cub scouts.

Thats O.k. since I will probably be my boys den leader, there are not any boys near my boys age in the branch. and the boys who are cubs now go to a pack at another church in mitchell. where we don't live anyway.

I will have to remember it though.

Nancy said...

It looks like it was lots of fun. But then most of scouting is fun.