Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Four cars were going to be used in the bank robbery.
"Now, remember," the boss said, "until you get to Red Water Junction, you've got to travel in the order I just told you.
What's the order, Lem?
LEM: First the Chevy, then the Datsun, the Ford and the Toyota.
Boss: You got only two right.
Tell him, Clem.
CLEM: The Ford, the Toyota, the Datsun and the Chevy.
Boss: Only one right. One that Lem got wrong.
Now, you, Mutt.
Mutt: Chevy, Toyota, Ford, Datsun.
Boss: Every one wrong.
Come on, Tex, someone's got to get it right.
Tex got them all in the right order.
What was it?


Lydia said...

Tex said Ford, Datsun, Chevy and Toyota

lekiM said...

I agree with Lydia, but I wanna know where they found a Datsun.


Della Hill said...

I think you're both right.
But I can't imagine the bank robbery going very well with 3 idiots who can't remember the car order.