Wednesday, September 3, 2008

See me run!

I can't post the pictures of me running my 1/2 marathon unless I pay $80 for rights to the photos.
But you can click on >>>>this link<<<< to view them.
I'm number 20758, the one with the purple mardi gras beads, orange lei and white visor.
You might notice that the time board at the finish line says 3:10:00.
This is misleading because my time was actually 2:39:34.
That clock started when the first runners started, but I didn't start till half an hour after that.
I had a chip on my shoe that activated my personal clock when I crossed the start line, checked my time at 5 and 10K and gave me my own accurate time when I finished.
You can view that by >>clicking << here. You may need to enter my bib# 20758.
For some reason in most of these pics my face is red, I'm extremely sweaty and I look like I'm in pain.
And I thought that since I had such a good time doing it I would look like I was enjoying myself and my makeup would stay perfect.
Oh, well.
Hooray Me!


Carrie and Karl said...

Have I told you I'm proud of you yet? If not, I am. If so, I still am.
Love ya,

Della Hill said...

Thanks Carrie.
That means a lot.

Nielsen Family said...

Horray Della! I've been thinking of you & am so excited & happy for you! You did it!!!

P.S. I think you look great in the pictures. Much more graceful than I would expect of myself!