Saturday, September 13, 2008

Oops, I'm doin' it again!

My half marathon was so awesome that I signed up for another one.
This one will be in the Outerbanks of North Carolina on Sunday, November 9th.
>>>Click here<<< for event details and to sign up to join me.
My goal is to knock 10 minutes off my last time of 2:39:34.
I think I can do that just by pacing better than I did last time.
Only 56 days to train. I better get going.


lekiM said...

Good for you. We'll have to do one together.

Nancy said...

What have you done with the sports drinks? A guy I know does 100 mile marathons and does not eat during the run. He buys various powders from a Runners supply.
He runs with a special vest that includes the liquid on his back and a couple pockets in front for his supplies.
Good Luck.

Della Hill said...

I hope we get to do the VB Rock&Roll together next year.
That would rock.
I wore a camelback during the last race, it had 1/2 water and 1/2 gatorade in it. It was great for sipping and keeping my mouth wet.
I also drank the water and sports drinks they had at the water stops.
I had cliff bloks in the pocket of my camelback and I ate a few of those during the race.
I also used a couple goo packets that they handed out at water stops.
The goo seemed to give me energy, but next time I will reserve them for BEFORE the race.
Swallowing 2 Tbs. of thick chocolate syrup while running is not entirely pleasant.
I will do more research before next time.