Friday, September 26, 2008

A Question For You

The other day I took one of my big boys to see a doctor.
The doctor asked him all kinds of questions from "What is today's date?" and "Who is the president of the United States?" to "What do a table and chair have in common?" as well as many others.
(This may sound familiar to some of my readers).
There were 2 questions in particular that made me stop to think what my answer would be were he talking to me.
These were:
1. Give me 5 words that you would say describe you, (good and/or bad).
2.If you died and came back as an animal, what animal would you want to be?
What would you say?
Remember there are no right or wrong answers.
I'll tell you my answers after some of you comment with yours.
Maybe Dr. Wilkinson will tell us what our answers say about us.


Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I came up with four really fast:
Wife, Mom, Student, Daughter of God, and I guess, Sister and Daugher (in-law) would make up the fifth/sixth.

I have to think harder on the animal one, but maybe a Giraffe, so Tall and Gracefull and can see so far away.


Chuck and Nancy said...

I hope they would say kind. In regards to the Family History Center which I manage, I have been told, and I agree - that I have the "Vision", enjoys my family, tooo busy. I hope - happy.
My favorite animal is the girafe, but I would want to be a mild, quiet dog, because more people like dogs. (And I don't like cats!)

Pikes Pickles said...

hmmm words..... spunky, testimony, family, mother cheerfull.

Animal.... I hate turtles but I would want to be one so I could crawl in my shell when I have PMS.

Della Hill said...

I came up with about 10 words, but could only remember 4 of them at a time.
I finally had:
Happy, spiritual, loving, loved, grateful.
My animal, after some thought, is a golden retriever seeing-eye dog.

I want to be a household pet, with the pampering and affection that goes with it, but be too valueable to abuse.
I would also enjoy being educated, even as an animal, and have a serving job to do.
Seeing-eye dogs stay busy, get extra privileges and are highly respected.
Golden retrievers are smart and beautiful.
And maybe Dean Koontz would write a book about me.
So Dr. Wilkinson, how do we rate on the psychotic scale?

Chet & Liz Hugo said...

Wife, Mother, Voracious Reader, Nature Lover, and just to offset Pike-Cranky.

I would be a wolf. They mate for life, are nocturnal animals (my allergy to sunlight), and they're wonderful mothers.--Liz

Chuck and Nancy said...

Liz, That is a thoughtful answer. I like it. Mom

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Well from what I can tell there is no psychosis. I would be able to guess religious affiliation for most of you. I don't want to make any other inferences based on the answer to two questions but if you would like I could send you a copy of the projective incomplete sentence blank that the doctor apparently took some of the questions from. If you want send an email to and I will email you a word document that you can fill out and send back.

Della Hill said...

So now I'm wondering what words I would have to give to indicate psychosis.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I could tell you, but then I'd have to committ you.

Chuck and Nancy said...

I would go for Trying, Loving, Learning, Priesthood Holder.

My animal is obvious to me. A bear. It lives in the out doors, gets to see lots of country, it is omnivorous, it is seen only when it wants to be, and as much as I love winters they are hard on animals. The bear gets to hibernate till food is available again.
Did you ever see Dizney's "Bear Country"?