Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jazz Update

My Utah Jazz are rocking the court this season. With a record of 45-24, they are first in the NorthWest division and have already locked in a spot in the playoffs.
The competition is hot with a few teams that are really causing a stir.
The Boston Celtics are number one in the NBA with an unreal record of 54-13.
The Jazz beat them last week when the 2 teams met up, so I have a little bit of confidence there.
Still, even though the Pistons are super hot, (49-19), the Celtics are being picked to take the East.
As for the West, the Houston rockets recently ended a 22 game win streak, even without their 7 ft+ star Yao Ming.
And tonight the Jazz will face their number one nemesis, the hated LA Lakers, who are number one in their division at 46-21.
So root for the Jazz tonight and in the upcoming playoffs.
I've gotta add that Jerry Sloan is an absolutely amazing coach, and it's bull that he gets passed over year after year for Coach of the Year.
Go Jazz!

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Carrie & Karl said...

What happened to Yao Ming?
I've enjoyed watching the Jazz this season, Maybe we'll get to go to a playoff game...