Saturday, March 8, 2008

A life long dream

I've finally done it.
I signed up to be a PAMPERED CHEF consultant.
Please understand that it is not my lifelong dream to be pampered chef consultant, but rather to own every single pampered chef product that I can.
So now I can buy them all at a discount.
And if other people want to buy the products but don't want to have to wait for a show or get hassled about having a show themselves, they can call me and I will hook them up.
And hopefully soon, with some practice and all of my new products I will be able to make fabulous dinners and treats like these:


Lydia said...

Do they still do the 50% of for consultants in April? its a good way to get a tone of stuff.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Ooh, I am excited for you. I would like to order some of their little brown scrapers, We lost our last one in the move.
Call me.

Jordan said...

That's one of the many reasons I got into Usborne Books. I absolutely LOVE their stuff. I've never tried Pampered Chef, but I've heard great things. I'll have to check it out!

Della Hill said...

I don't know yet. I'll have to check cause that sounds awesome.
I'll order one for you.
PC rocks. Once you use their stuff you never want to use ordinary kitchen utensils again. I'll send you a PC catalogue if you send me one for the books.

lekiM said...

Yeah for you. I think it might be a trend in the fam. I loved my time as a consultant but really I loved all the cool stuff. We miss you tons. The kids have decided our next move is to Virginia. Love you all!

shrinkingme said...

I will most definately take you up on that offer Della! Also, if you could hook me up with an e-mail address for Niki, didn't one of her kids also get the correct answer to that quiz? I wanna make good on my promise but nobody is sending their addreses to my e-mail. I already purchased Jordan's gift but want to get a gift that suits-is it Joanna? Or maybe you could tell me a little about her and give me the address? Lemme know, thanks!

Della Hill said...

I wonder why we have all gravitated to Pampered Chef. You are right that there is a trend.
I really hope you get to live out here again.
Mark still talks about the "triplets".
And didn't I tell you that J said if you were visiting and the house caught fire during the night he would save the ninas but noone else?
We are all hoping to see you guys again soon.
What offer was that again? I can't remember what ones I've made to who, but I do want to make good on it.
I don't have Jordan's e-mail, but Carrie probably does, so I will e-mail her to ask for it.
I will e-mail Niki with your e-mail so Joanna can get her reward too.
That was cool of you to offer it.