Friday, March 28, 2008


I haven't done a brain teaser in a little while, so here is a good one.
This is really not as hard as it looks.
The gang of four that once ran the biggest protection racket in the east eventually got out of jail.
Almost immediately, they began operating again in the same neighborhood.
They had previously divided it into four territories: north, south, east and west.
Because each mobster had always kept his operations in the same area, the police nicknamed them Mr. North, Mr. South, Mr. East and Mr. West.
Now the police received a reliable tip that this time each mobster was operating in a new territory.
None of the new victims was willing to identify the mobsters from photos the police showed them, but three facts became clear, and that was enough for the FBI to work out which mobster was operating where.
These are the facts:
1. Mr. East is not operating the North.
2. The North territory is not being operated by Mr. South.
3. The South territory is not being operated by Mr. East.
Can you tell who is operating in each territory?


Carrie & Karl said...

Mr North is in the South
Mr East is in the West
Mr South is in the East
Mr West is in the North.

Lydia said...

Thats what I got. Lydia