Saturday, March 1, 2008

Product Complaint; I paid a dollar for this?

Let me start by saying I am not planning on making product complaints a regular blog topic. I really don't like to complain, and I don't think I do it much, (maybe I do, you'd have to ask those around me), but once in a while something bears complaining about.
So today I took CJ and Mark to McDonalds for lunch. Recognizing that my first mistake was going to McDonalds, I should have expected to be disappointed.
Having eaten at McDonalds before, and having seen Supersize Me, I knew better than to order from 98% of the menu, knowing that not only would anything I ordered be bad for me, it would probably also taste bad.
So after ordering happy meals for the boys I thought I would be safe with a fruit and yogurt parfait, apple dippers and a drink.
My first disappointment came when I went to fill my soda. This particular McDonalds had a neat function on the soda machine that allowed customers to add cherry or vanilla flavoring, even sugar free cherry flavoring, to their drinks. This was a cool bonus to me as I particularly like cherry flavored sodas, especially cherry flavored diet sodas. So I was naturally disappointed to see that they had removed the extra flavor feature. Disappointment #1.
When I sat down with the food (at a table in the play area which was actually clean), I looked for my apple dippers, only to find that while they had given me the little bag of apples -which have been chemically treated not to turn brown- they had not given me the caramel dip to dip them in. Thus I had apples, but not apple dippers.
Of course I thought to go to the counter to ask for caramel dip, but the line was so long my apples probably would have turned brown in spite of the chemicals if I had chosen to wait that long to get to the counter. Disappointment #2.
So I turned to my fruit and yogurt parfait, hoping at least one piece of my meal would meet my expectations. I had to search the tray for a minute before I found it. You see, last time I ordered a fruit and yogurt parfait it was more than 2 1/2 inches tall. I know it's "snack size", but even Calista Flockheart eats bigger snacks than this.
And I recognize that a dollar doesn't buy what it used to, but I guess this is the first time I have seen a literal example of this.
So I took a picture of it next to a dollar bill and a chicken nugget to give a size comparison of how small it actually was. (I promise I did not doctor the picture). Alas, disappointment #3.
So the kids had fun in the playland (they'll probably get sick from all the germs, or maybe increase their immune systems from being exposed to it all) while I did Sudoku and my stomach growled.
Now that I'm home I think I'll make myself a taco salad.


Carrie & Karl said...

I was disappointed last time I went to McDonalds too. The yogurt parfaits are much smaller than they used to be. I like the commercial where a guy tries to pay for a McDonald's type of breakfast with Monopoly money. The employee says "that's not real money" The man says "well that's not a real breakfast"
Also, if I don't get everything I order, I go to the part of the counter where you pick up your meal and ask for it, I never wait in the line again. If I get dirty looks then I apologize to the nearest customer so I don't feel bad.
That taco salad sounds good, what do you put in it?

Della Hill said...

I like that commercial too.
Taco Salad,
layer from the bottom up:
diced tomatoes
fresh chopped cilantro
taco meat (this time I had some left over from dinner the other night)
shredded cheese
salsa (I like the fresh kind you get at the deli)
lime juice