Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thomas S. Monson and the Utah Jazz.

The following blog was not written by me, but instead by my brother Mike (the one in Iraq).
He e-mailed this to me and I found it totally blog-worthy.
Notes from last nights Jazz /Clippers game as found on Yahoo:
Chris Kaman got a technical foul for shouting at the officials on hisway to the bench after picking up two quick fouls in the first quarter.
Quinton Ross missed his third straight game with a sore left foot.
LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson, 80, stopped on the way to his seat inthe third quarter and said a couple words to a surprised Sloan and theteam during a timeout.
The Clippers signed former Univ. of Arizona standout Marcus Williams from the Austin Toros of the NBADL and released veteran Aaron Williams.
This brings many thoughts/questions to my mind.
1. I wonder what he said.
2. I hope he was cheering for the Jazz.
3. I wonder if this means that Sloan is a mormon (what a great rumor to start)
4. Do you think the prophet yells at the refs and boos the bad calls?
5. Does the prophet have a permanent court side pass at the EnergySolutions Arena?
6. Does the prophet pray for the Jazz to win like I do?
7. Is it eclisiastical bias for the prophet to recieve inspiration forthe Jazz and will this negativly effect members of the church who areLaker fans?
8. Do you think he told Sloan, "Verily verily, thus sayeth the Lord, put Williams and Boozer back in the game."?
9. Do you think he told Sloan, "Wo be unto you, thus sayeth the Lord,that if the Jazz do not repent, humble themselves, and listen to everyword that cometh from the voice of Coach Sloan they shall in no way achieve the play offs. But verily I say unto you if they do these things, they shall achieve an NBA Championship and a good endorsement deal from Nike, Subway and Deseret Bank."?
10. Am I about to be struck by lightning for writing this email?


Chet & Liz Hugo said...

Will I be struck by lightning for laughing at this entry?--Liz

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Della Hill said...

If we were gonna get hit by lightening for laughing at this I wouldn't have even been able to post it, so I think you're safe.
Jordan, I'm glad you liked it.