Sunday, January 27, 2008

My talk

So I gave my talk in Sacrament Meeting today.
I used the Visitors Day at the Insane Asylum joke as my requisite beginning of talk joke. I even inroduced the joke as my "requisite beginning of talk joke'. (I considered using Liz's bad-week-to-quit-smoking-crack joke, but Chris said I wasn't allowed).
Then I told them that my talk was on a stack of paper. (It was about repentance).
It must have been good because about 20 people caught me in the hall to tell me so. I've never had that many people compliment me on a talk before.
Then one lady asked me if I'd talk to the young women at girls camp, and I got asked to give a lesson in Relief Society.
It was fun, and I felt good about it.
After church I came home and took a nap.
It was my requisite sunday afternoon nap.
I'll try and post something more fun later if I can get a turn on the computer that has all my fun pictures saved. That's Chris' World of Warcraft computer. It's a miracle that I even got a chance to use that computer long enough to save pictures on it.

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