Monday, January 7, 2008

Our missionaries

These are our missionaries.
Top left: Elder Taylor, right: Elder Ord
Bottom left: Sister Taylor, right: Sister Chesney
(The Taylors are not related). We had both sets of missionaries over for dinner on Saturday as well as an investigating family. The biggest hit was the geotracks.
I have spent several hours with the sisters and have really enjoyed getting to know them. Though they usually ask about me and don't talk about themselves too much I have learned some really interesting things about them really gotten to love them. Both of them truly care about other people and want to help and show love for everyone they meet.
They are true examples to me of Christlike love. Plus they're just really cool.
The elders are great too, but Chris has spent more time with them than I have, so he would have to tell you how cool they are. They recently got a commitment for baptism from a woman that Chris has been visiting with them.
Getting to know them has been a great experience for us.
The other fun thing when the missionaries were here was nerf dart guns. They found out that the little suction cups don't stick to name tags because they are engraved. But they had fun discovering that.


Lydia said...

our nurf guns shoot green balls and they are a huge hit we have even taken them on vacation and didn't brake anything at the hotel but even grandparents were seen shooting them. we did learn that the more guns the better. we now have 4 that all shoot the green balls. nurf is just cool.

Chet & Liz Hugo said...

We love our missionaries too. We love having them come into the home so the kids can see how cool it is to be a missionary. We love the spirit they bring too --Liz