Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Weekend

I haven't had much chance to blog this weekend.

All the boys were out of school for the 3 day weekend. We had to problem solve and make up a sign in sheet for the computer so everyone had a chance to play World of Warcraft for 30 minutes at least once every 3 hours. I would think we are going over board with this but it seems to be such a bonding experience. Even those who aren't playing often sit around the computer to watch the others play and talk about it. So it feels like a family activity.

The downside is that since I am the only member of my 7 member family who does not have a W o W character I didn't feel a need to put my name on the waiting list for the computer, and didn't get to blog, or view all of my other favorite blogs, much. I did however, (finally) get all the Christmas lights and decorations down, cleaned and organized the garage, drained the water heater, did the dishes (about 3 times), scrubbed the kitchen counters and cabinet fronts, mopped the floor and scrubbed around the edges and corners with a brush, baked brownies, deep cleaned the boy's bathroom (gross!), washed and folded 4 loads of laundry, took Mark to the game store, and made dinner (Jambalaya!). And that was just yesterday.

On Sunday after church all I did was watch the playoffs and took a nap, so I guess I felt like I should do more on Monday. But the 2 teams I was rooting for won. It's going to be the Patriots and the Giants in the Superbowl. I haven't decided if I'm going to root for New England to have a perfect season, or for a second Manning to get a ring a second year in a row.
If I was a betting woman, (or knew a local bookie), my money would be on the Patriots. They are unreal this year.

The kids are back to school today (Hooray!), but we have appointments most of the day so I will be busy again. No rest for the weary, -or the insomniacs, (which I seem to be becoming lately).


Carrie & Karl said...

Every time I see a commercial about buying treats for Super-bowl parties I think of you guys and your parties. Are you serving Hillshire Farms lunchmeat? If you do then let me know if a painted man jumps out of your TV...

Jordan said...

My husband is on Warcraft quite a bit. I feel your pain. But he does get to play with my brothers and his cousin, so that's something.

Carrie said...

Della, Do you remember me? Holly's Friend? Anyway, I love your blog and I think it is cool that you are keeping up with the Biggest losers! Good to see you are doing good.

shrinkingme said...

oh good crap that is the PERFECT fairytale !!!!! would you mind if I shared that with the BL girls? It would be so nice if you were closer! You do need to have another baby and make sure its a girl, then there could be some small dillution of testosterone. And the bonus tummy tuck dont hurt either =).