Saturday, January 5, 2008

Self update

We had a really great Christmas and it was a lot of fun to have all the kids home from school for a week and a half. But it was even more fun to send them back.
We didn't get much of a break though, because as soon as we got the kids off to school we met up with our friends at the city and got started on our new project.
We've been going on it for 4 days now and so far things are going well. It is interesting to watch the dynamics change when you throw a new factor in to the mix. I am sure things will get very interesting.
Am I being sufficiently vague? Sorry I can't say more.
We are excited about this anyway.


Carrie & Karl said...

Luckily I understand your language. Hope everything keeps going well.

Lydia said...

how many projects do you have? and good luck with them all

Della Hill said...

We have 3 projects right now. That is all we will have for a while unless a special need arises. But we are staying busy with the 3.