Friday, January 25, 2008


Jordan, the Goddess of Sewing tagged me. What this means, to the best of my understanding, is that she was tagged and had to answer the following questions on her blog. Now it's my turn to answer these questions, after which I will tag at least 2 people to do the same on their blogs.
Here we go:
Two Names You Go By: 1) Mom 2) Miss Della
Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now: 1) Lucky Charms t-shirt 2) danskin sandals from Walmart
Two things you Want (or have) in a Relationship: 1) A true helpmeet who probably does more for our family on a daily basis than I do 2) If there is such a thing as a soul mate, I have one.
Two of Your Favorite Things to do: 1) go back to bed for 2 hours after the kids go to school and then go to lunch 2) Curl up with a really good book and read uninterrupted.
Two things you did last night 1) Taught Cubscouts, (if trying to control an out of control game of Kung-Fu-Rock-Paper-Scissors counts as teaching). 2) Walked my dogs.
Two people you Last Talked To: 1) Sisters Chesney and Bangerter (I know there are two of them, but they are comps so they kind of count as one- they are awesome). 2) God (We chatted while I walked my dogs tonight).
Two Things You're doing tomorrow: 1) Pine Wood Derby 2) Finish writing my talk for Sunday.
Two Longest Car Rides: 1) Utah to Virginia 2) St. George, Utah to Mexico and back, (we went for tacos. Not kidding.)
Two Favorite Holidays:(As an adult) 1) Christmas Eve 2) The first day of school (Yes, that counts as a holiday.)
Two Favorite Drinks: 1) diet cherry pepsi 2) Cherry vanilla italian soda with cream
Two Things About Me you may not have known: 1) When I put away my Christmas decorations I write myself a letter and put it in the box to find next year. 2) I personally own 2 motorcycles.
Two jobs I have had in my life: 1) Labor and Delivery Tech 2) Group Home live-in Teaching Parent
Two Movies I would watch over and over: 1) Braveheart 2) Love Actually
Two of my Favorite Foods: 1) Chinese Hot and Sour Soup 2) Cajun Chicken Penne
Two places I'd rather be right now: 1) Utah, to visit my family and friends there- but just to visit. I love VA 2) Alone with Chris, shopping, running errands, whatever, just us.
Did you learn something about me?
I now tag (drumroll)
(Come on, just copy and paste the questions. For me? Please?)


shrinkingme said...

ok! I will paste this but it will have to be tomorrow cuz for some reason my paste function isnt working on my computer so I will have to do it at moms or Christi's. But I promise I will do it!

shrinkingme said...

So it took longer than I though, but I got this done! Actuall, we are trying to get ALL the girls on the BL blogs to do it, at least we taged them all! I hope you are doing well...