Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Update on Me

I realized that while I post something every day I don't post a whole lot about me. So I thought I'd make a few comments about how I am doing.
In general things are going very well. Our family is going through some growing pains as it got a little bigger a couple of weeks ago. But really, that is expected and we are making positive forward progress with it.
This last weekend my brother Mike stayed with us. It was great to have him here. This was his last weekend in the states before leaving for Iraq where he will spend the next 15 months. He said he was glad to spend his last weekend with family and we were glad for the same reason.
Every one in my house loves Mike. He has visited us several times over the last 6 months, though before this weekend he has had his wife and kids with him.
We will miss him while he is gone, but while he was here he got us hooked up with Skype which is a free online video conferencing service. With it and our webcam we will be able to talk to him face to face.
Mike also got his wife, our parents, and our brother that lives in Alaska on Skype so we can all conference with each other. It is very cool.
It is hard to live far from family. Even though we have a large family, our nearest family member is about 1500 miles away, so we don't see each other much. Being able to see people that I love on Skype this last weekend was really cool.
Anyway, (I apologize if I am rambling), it was hard to say goodbye to Mike, but I am very proud that my brother is willing to fight for freedom.
It seems like it is unpopular to support the war lately, but I have never worried about being popular before, why should I start now.
I recognize that this war has not been handled as well as it could have been and mistakes have been made along the way, but I believe that this war is incredibly important to bring peace to the people of this world and to fight terror. Leaving the job unfinished would be a tremendous mistake.
Go Mike! We love you.

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