Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sleeping Indian Mountain

When I was younger we would go on family trips every year. I have a memory of passing a mountain several times as we traveled to the same place a few different times. (I think the mountain was in Colorado). When viewed from the right angle the mountain looked like a (tremendously large) person laying down to rest. There was a legend that went along with the mountain, but I don't remember what it was.
It might have been something about an indian squa (is that spelled right?) who traveled around searching for the indian brave she loved. I think she couldn't find him so she laid down to rest and never got up again.
Perhaps one of my family members remembers the legend better than I do. If so, please comment and help me out with it.
Anyway, I saw this picture, and while it is obviously very creatively photo shopped, it reminded me of those trips, the mountain and the legend.
So if you know what I'm talking about, hopefully it will bring back memories for you too. If not, sorry this was a hopelessly useless post, but I hope you enjoyed the picture. (It is a cool picture).


Lydia said...

the mountain is sleeping Ute. it is between macus and cortez but I don't remember any legend.

Carrie & Karl said...

A Ute Indian legend describes the Sleeping Ute as the sleeping form of a “Great Warrior God” who fell asleep while recovering from wounds received in a great battle with “the Evil Ones”. (from Wikipedia)
There is a legend about an indian squaw who jumps off Mount Timpanogos and her heart fused with the brave who loved her and is the heart in Mount Timp cave.
I just like to hear old indian legends. And that is a cool picture.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

I remember those trips, the mountain is sighted at one of the rest sites near mesa verde, colorado. Aren't we blessed to have been able to go on so many vacations as a child.