Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Chris and I are leaving tomorrow morning for Washington DC.
I have spent the last 2 days organizing all the details of where our boys will stay and who will take care of them.
We had a few last minute hiccups, but I think we figured it all out. When we come home on Sunday we will have to go to 4 different places to pick up our 5 boys.
Nevertheless, once they have all left for school tomorrow, and I have made a few last minute phone calls, and delivered one more set of overnight bags, and walked the dogs the last time, and gone to the bank, and finished packing for myself, and turned around at least once to come back for something important that I am sure we will forget, we will be off for 3 days.
Chris' birthday is Friday and we have tickets to the Jazz/ Wizards game Friday night. We will try to find a local stake center to watch President Hinkley's funeral at on Saturday. Other than that we have no concrete plans at all other than to relax, do touristy things and eat. Yes, eat.
I can't wait.
The hotel has computers I can use to blog, but I won't be able to post pictures of our trip until we are home on Sunday, so be sure to check back then.
C U soon.


Carrie & Karl said...

Have fun. I'll hope one of the players makes 33 points for Chris' birthday.

shrinkingme said...

Wow! There is proof that parents of 5 children really can get away?! that gives me the bright hope that one day, we too may experience the joy of "alone time"!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! I wish for you to Have way more fun then you expect, that the Jazz will indeed win by a landslide,and that you wont be bitter about having to come back to reality. :)LOL!

Chet & Liz Hugo said...

Happy Birthday Chris. Have a good trip.--Liz

lekiM said...

Tell Chris Happy B-Day and to yell at a ref for me.

Jordan said...

Have a great trip!