Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Post

Sorry I didn't post till late today. I had a hard time getting a turn on the computer. World of Warcraft is taking over my house.
The whole family made it to church today, which was awesome and a huge blessing. Between Chris feeling sick (again) and some behavior issues, we weren't sure we were going to make it out the door until everyone actually went out the door. Then I looked around and realized I was the last one left in the house.
I was especially glad we all made it, for one thing because I enjoyed it, but for another because everyone else seemed to.
Earlier this week I drove the sister missionaries to another sister missionary apartment for transfers, (Sister Taylor got transferred, -tear-. But now we have Sister Bangerter, who is going to be awesome), and at their apartment they had a place on the wall dedicated to miracles. A 3' by 3' area was covered with colorful post it notes marked with miracles they had seen. Everything from investigators who committed to baptism to a sick member who was able to use the bathroom.
It was a really neat idea, but I think I will try to do it differently and list some of the miracles I witness here.
For example, it was a miracle that we all made it to church today. Some days I think it is a miracle that J is still here. But he is, and actually, -here is another miracle- he is doing really well.
Every day I think it is a miracle that I get to do this job. I have the coolest job ever. Really, I could list at least 20 more miracles without racking my brain too hard, but I will cut it short with one more.
T asked me earlier this week why God lets us live this life if he knows we are all going to screw up and people are going to do bad things.
I answered him as best as I could, which passified him for the time, but didn't seem to fully satisfy him.
Then today at church he found a program from last weeks service (which we didn't make it to) in one of the books. It had a quote on it that I can't repeat verbatim, but it said that God knows what we are going through, and he will help us through it. God gives us trials for reasons, but sometimes he is the only one who knows the reasons.
I think that quote answered T's question and set helped him understand a little better. Even he said God was giving him a sign by helping him find that. He said he has a lot of questions to ask the missionaries next time they come over. Ok, I said I was going to cut it short with one more miracle, but that wasn't really short and it was actually about 3 miracles. Sorry. Thanks for reading. -Della

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