Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bienvedido a mi amigos international

I have recently been getting hits on my blog from all over the world.
My site meter tracks the locations of those who check my blog and has listed: Canada, Sweden, Malaysia, Portugal, Brazil, UK, Egypt, Spain, Netherlands, Colombia, France, and India just in the last 2 days.
I think this is pretty cool, but I do wonder how they find me. Apparently they get to this blog from other blogspot addresses, but I can't figure out which ones.
My international readers: Just out of my own curiosity, can you tell me how you found me?


rineed said...

got you on a random click. Your blog is interesting in my opinion. Thought of starting a blog myself but dont know how to get started.

Della Hill said...

Go to, it should give you directions.
Thanks for answering my question.

Jordan said...

You can also go to the sidebar at sitemeter and click on "by referrals" to get more info. Sometimes it says unknown, but most of my international traffic comes from searches. I got a lot of hits a while back when, I assume, someone tagged one of my posts and put it on a Canadian Yahoo! group called specialtoes8 or something like that. I wrote a post about my weird toes and got a lot of readership from that for a few weeks.