Thursday, February 28, 2008

Product Pick of the week

Costco's Daily Multivitamin Pack (by request)
I told Holly about this product and she agreed it would make a good product pick of the week.
This is the best vitamin pack I (in my admitedly limited vitamin experience) have ever seen.
For comprehensive vitamin content and total value for your money I don't believe you can find a better deal.
Each packet contains 5 vitamin tablets and 2 softgels, including ginseng. The back of the box gives a complete rundown of all the vitamins it includes and basically blows any other daily vitamin, including one-a-days and prenatals, out of the water.
Because there are 7 different pills you can leave out anything that you don't want.
But also because there are 7 different pills it almost feels like a meal to take them all. I found they all went down best with milk.
I started taking these because I felt totally drained of energy all the time and could barely make it through the day. Every day that I took them I had all the energy I needed, and after taking them consistently for 6 months or so I found that I kept the energy even when I didn't take them.
I have come to believe my body was pretty much drained of nutrients after giving birth to two children and nursing them each for over a year. Taking these vitamins helped replace those nutrients.
I don't take them daily anymore, but I do keep them around for when I am feeling a vitamin low or need a little extra energy that day.
It would probably be good for me to continue to take them everyday.
There are 2 downsides to these vitamins. The first comes right after you take them if you take them on an empty stomach. That downside is that you might puke.
Solution: eat something before you take them.
The other downside comes about 10-12 hours after you take them. Especially if you have not been taking them long. By that evening you will have an energy crash. Though not as bad as what you get after an energy drink, you'll just realize that after having so much energy, which helped you be so busy and accomplish so much all day long, you are suddenly very tired. This will help you sleep good, but you might not be able to stay up late.
Solution: Take the vitamins about 12 hours before you want to go to bed. ie, If you want to go to bed at 11:00 pm, take the vitamins at 11:00 am. But if you take them too late you might not be able to sleep when you want to.
And don't waste your money in a vitamin shop. One box of these, which includes 100 vitamin packs, costs just under 15 bucks. That's only 15 cents for each pack. That's less than 5 bucks a month. You pay more than that for unlimited texting.
You can't beat the energy these packs will give you for 15 cents a pop. These are a must have for anyone who is looking for a good vitamin or more energy. And that's not saying anything about how your hair and nails will grow while you take these.
If you don't have a Costco membership you might want to consider it just for these. Or find a friend who had a membership and have them pick it up for you.
Definitely a good pick.

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