Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Redneck mailbox

Jeff Foxworthy says that the word redneck means "a glorious absence of sofistication".
Do you think this qualifies?
The extra funny thing about this is that I did not get this picture in an e-mail and I did not find it somewhere on the internet. I actually took this picture less than a mile away from my house.
No kidding.
Hey, Jim. Here's another use for duct tape.
So my question is, how are they cooking dinner?

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Godiva said...


Lovely picture! I borrowed it for my blog, I hope that is ok with You, with a text about this magic "duct tape", in swedish: "gaffa tape" or "silver tejp" a product I use very often in the stable and all around the farm.

Really nice and fun blog of Yours!

/ godiva