Thursday, February 28, 2008


I had a hard time with this one. This causes my mind to twist in a way that it is not accustomed to twisting. Which is a little surprising since my mind is pretty twisted.
"We're all keen on yachting in these parts," said my tow-headed friend, Thalia Collingwood.
"Father has a yacht, and so has each of his four friends: Colonel Drake; Mr. Nelson; Sir Barnacle Hood; and Dr. Benbow.
"What's more, each of the five has just the one daughter, and each has named his yacht after the daughter of one of the others. So you see (she concluded proudly) "there's a dear little yacht named after me.
"Sir Barnacle's yacht is the Gabrielle; Mr. Collingwood owns the Lorna; Mr. Nelson, the Rosalind. The Melissa, owned by Colonel Drake, is named after Sir Barnacle's daughter. Gabrielle's father owns the yacht which is named after Dr. Benbow's daughter.
Who is Lorna's father?


shrinkingme said...

I gotta tell ya, if I attempt this I truly feel like I may develop a brain anurism. Whoever gets this, I will personally send a prize to, so e-mail me at with your address, if you too do not lose your mind trying to figure it out!!!!

Jordan said...

Lorna's father is Colonel Drake. Am I right?

That was tough.

Della Hill said...

OK Holly, You owe Jordan (Goddess of Sewing) a prize.
She got it all right.
Here is the official answer:
Clearly Benbows yacht is named Thalia. What is the name of Benbows daughter? Not Gabrielle; for Gabrielles father would then own the Gabrielle. Not Lorna, for Gabrielle would then be Collingwoods daughter. So Benbows daughter is Rosalind; and Nelsons daughter owner of the Rosalind) is Gabrielle. So Lorna is the daughter of Colonel Drake.

Chuck and Nancy said...

Joanna figured it out all by herself. I'm impressed, cause she's only 11.
(does she get a prize too?)

Della Hill said...

That means you owe 2 prizes Holly.
Now you have to pay up or it's gonna make me look bad.

shrinkingme said...

Ok, Send me your addresses to so I can pay up- if you havent already! (I haven't been on line for a few days):)