Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Sister Missionaries

This is Sister Bangerter and Sister Chesney.
I have one other pic of Sister Chesney posted from a month or so ago when her comp was Sister Taylor.
We love these guys.
Sister Chesney is actually going home to Colorado next week. We will miss her, but I think her family will be glad to have her back.


Ben & Kimberly McEvoy said...

I am a friend of Kory Welch Booher. I saw your commnet on her post that you are in VA.
My family moved from Richmond. I worked in th Mission Home with president Tanner and President Kirk. Some of our best friends were steve and Rusty Thomas, they are in VB . .do you know them?

I miss the missionary interaction.

Are you guys from VA? We absolutely loved, loved Richmond, and all of the maryland ,Va, North carolina area. we use to go to Lake Gaston all the time with some friends. Oh I am homesick thinking about it.

Della Hill said...

I think I do know Rusty. Small world!
We are from Utah, but moved to VA 3years ago. We just moved to VA Beach a few months ago.