Saturday, February 16, 2008

Product Pick of the Week -Scotch Brite scrubbers

Scotch Brite Scrubbers are this week's pick.
One of the great things about these is that the scrubbers are interchangeable.
They are super easy to switch out, but stay in place firmly.
My favorite is the blue pad that scrubs off soap scum really easily.
Just get it wet, sprinkle some Comet and soap scum scrubbs right off.
Some of the brushes even dispense soap.
The downside: It's hard to get into corners. I took the brush attachment off of the handle when I was trying to get into the corner under the cabinet.
I don't remember exactly, but I know I paid less than 5 bucks for this.
Totally worth it.

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shrinkingme said...

Hmm... Thanks for the tip, I am always looking for things that scrub soap scum off-especially like a smelly man on an elevator!! Its a dirty nasty job, so any product that assists in the elimination of that is great. Thanks!!