Tuesday, February 5, 2008


So the Giants won the Superbowl. I think it was 14-10.
The poor Patriots didn't end up having a perfect season after all. They shouldn't feel bad though, (well, not too bad). They still have 3 other Superbowl wins from the last 7 years alone.
Eli Manning, the QB for the Giants, now jons his brother Peyton as a Superbowl champion. Their father, Archie, must be incredibly proud. He played in the NFL too, but never won a ring. There is one more Manning brother. No one knows his name. I think he's a janitor. I'm sure they love him anyway.


shrinkingme said...

Ah man, poor brother must feel left out. I wonder if he's ever competed in a janitor "Super Cleaning Toilet Bowl" competition? I bet he would win it, it really seems like the family has such potential for greatness! I have to say that we had a party here but the women seemed to cluster in the kitchen. I did however watch the last 2 minutes and there were some pretty good plays-the winning touchdown for the Giants was amazing as he held the ball on his helmet, did a backbend over opposing team member and then flipped into a touchdown! Pretty sticky-handed if you ask me!

Della Hill said...

LOL. It was a really good game.
That was an especially good play not only because of the helmet catch, but how Eli Manning escaped houdini-like from the defenders and was still able to throw a perfect spiral directly to his receiver.