Monday, February 18, 2008


I went on a walk yesterday, (actually I walk -or jog- everyday), and found a geocache.

For those of you who don't know, a geocache is a type of treasure hunt.

What you do to find them is go to and search your area code or city. You have to sign in to get them, but basic membership is free. They usually have lat and long coordinates which you can use a GPS to find.

Or you can do what I did for this one (if you don't have a portable GPS), which was plugged the lat and long coordinates into google earth, or similiar type map and satelite viewer, and zoomed in until I recognized my neighborhood park and figured out where in the park the geocache was.

Then I walked to that area and looked around till I found it.

Most geocaches are some type of small container: tupperware, Rx bottles, film cans, etc. with a log book or paper inside to write your name. You can see in the picture this particular geocache was a keychain fob that unscrewed, (originally probably to keep an extra dose of asprin, valium or viagra). Inside was a rolled up strip of paper that had the names of everyone who has found it. I forgot to take a pen, so I will have to go back to sign it. You can then go on line and log in that you found it.

There are thousands of these all over. My parents found one in Williamsburg when they were visiting here a few months ago. There is at least one more within a mile of my house. It's back in the woods though, so I'll probably need a GPS to find it.

It was pretty cool going on a walk in my own neighborbood, going in to a bunch of trees and finding a hidden treasure that was almost sitting in plain sight, but that I never would have found otherwise. I sense a new hobby for myself....



Norm said...

I caught your post about geocaching. Nice find! My wife and I have been geocaching for about seven months, and we are having a blast. It's an activity that has really brought the family together. And taken us to places that we would never have visited otherwise.

If interested, we're on Blogger too at The Northwoods Geocats

Della Hill said...

Thanks Norm,
I did check out your blog and it's way cool. I'll be sending others your way.

Norm said...

Della, Thanks for stopping by the blog. Isn't geocaching fun? I noticed by your posts that you are LDS. I have several members of my extended family that are members. I too was saddened by Pres. Hinkley's passing. I've heard him speak, and have never heard a more humble, honest man speak.

Take care.

Della Hill said...

I agree.
About geocaching and about President Hinkley.
President Hinkley was a man that was respected and admired by anyone that met him or heard him speak.
It was impossible not to be impressed by him.
Have your family members told you much about him or anything else about the church?

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

We are planning on doing some geocaching this summer. I think that any caches would be burried in snow right now.
I like the thought of using google earth, though Tom does have a portable GPS.