Friday, November 14, 2008

10,000 hits! Time for a Give-A-Way!

When I logged on today and checked my site meter I was met by the 5 digit total of 10,001!
This is a momentous occasion. Momentous enough to be met with my very first
Blog Give-A-Way!
So what to give?
I could think of nothing better or more original than the same thing my brother sent me for my birthday,
Screaming Slingshot Monkeys!
The winner of this give-a-way will recieve no less than six plush monkeys with elastic arms that can be slingshotted across the room.
And as if that isn't enough, these monkeys will scream audibly, scaring children, animals, husbands, and co-workers as they fly.
They also make great Christmas presents.
So how do you enter?
Recieve one entry just by leaving me a comment and telling me that you want to be entered.
If your comment is extra funny or if you have a particularly good reason for wanting a pile of screaming slingshot monkeys, you will recieve another entry.
You can recieve 2 additional entries by talking about my give-a-way on your blog and providing a link back to me. (Make sure you mention in your comment if you are planning on doing this so I check your blog to see).
Any and all of my blog followers (new or old) will recieve an automatic entry.
The winner will be drawn and announced next Friday, Nov. 22nd.
Good luck everyone!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Cool! I follow your blog so there is one entry for me! Okay I know my Hubby and boys would love those monkeys! Monkey see monkey do :) ♥ Hugs!

Chuck and Nancy said...

Della, I need slingshot screaming monkeys. Love, Mom

The family said...

OKAY - I need a screaming slingshot monkey. Reasons? I have teenagers. My husband is home on convalescent leave, I have a screaming toddler and th elast reason is I could wrap them up and put them under the tree for a howling good time (get it howling monkeys? )


F. Mathew VonStieff said...

Hi Della,
Stefany told me to come by. If I dont win one of those monkeys here can I buy one? Those are sucha crack up my cats would love one for Christmas.

Carrie and Karl said...

I have some wonderful reasons for needing screaming monkeys. The first reason is obvious, I have 2 little boys and 1 big one that all try to drive me crazy, don't I deserve something that will drive them crazy?
The second reason is that then I can send them screaming over the partition at work and hopefully hit one of the guys when they're not busy.
The third reason is because I am your FAVORITE little sister.
The fourth reason is because I would have fun appliqueing a letter to the capes of the monkeys so they can be super monkeys.
I'm sure I can think of more reasons, but they will wait for later. Make sure you read my blog to see the plug for them.

lekiM said...

Please, please, I'm begging you!!! Enter me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. yesterday in band we listened to gotta a boogie on my finger. it was hilarious to see the looks on teir faces Like they were wondering weather to be laughing or disgusted!

P.S.S.this is Jo-Jo

Lydia said...

Della with six monkeys I could shoot one at each kid wouldn't that be fun Lydia

ps check out my blog

Victoria said...

Well, I don't know you, Della. But I seriously need some screaming slingshot monkeys. Why? Here are the top ten reasons:

1. Because I have never won anything and I am seriously beginning to doubt myself.

2. I can't afford braces for my 15-year-old right now, and I'm sure that a screaming monkey would make it all up to him.

3. I asked Santa for one when I was eight years old, and he didn't bring it. I haven't believed in Santa for the last 36 years. But this could change my mind.

4. I am on that diet from "Devil Wear's Prada." You know the one... "Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight." I really need something to keep my mind off the deprivation.

5. I have devised a way to bring about World Peace, using nothing but Twinkies, Diet Coke and screaming monkeys.

6. I would provide a safe environment for them. I have actually rescued many screaming slingshot monkeys who were being used in inhumane cosmetics testing.

7. My five-year-old might have ADD or ADHD or something (sometimes he doesn't listen to me), and I have heard that screaming slingshot monkeys are considered an alternative therapy to medication.

8. I have a lot of cobwebs up in the vaulted ceiling areas of my home. I have no way to reach them. It would really help me to have small fuzzy objects that could be launched up there to collect the offending webs.

9. Any monkeys you sent me would be for my personal use and that of my family. I would never even think of listing them on eBay or Craig's List or any other auction website, even if they were fetching a premium with the holidays coming up.

10. Said monkeys would not be exposed to any worldly influences in my home. We would promise to include them in family home evenings, we would never offer them alcohol or cigarettes, and if you insist, I could even install a Filthy Filter on the TV (or I could set up a Favorites List that would only allow them to watch BYU TV or Animal Planet).


Anonymous said...

Stefany sent me by, if I won I would give them to Stefany, don't know what I would do with them, except Monkey around!
Nana at Simply Carolina

Michelle said...

OK...Stef at the Pickle sent me, practically demanded I please enter me for these screaming monkeys so my 7 year old can stress me out with them...

I'll try to do a post for you on my blog...just give that entry to Stef...that girls needing some stress relief:)

Victoria said...

Ahhh. Della, don't be silly. Yes, the Lakers are a good team. But remember those worldly influences we were talking about? I would never dream of exposing your monkeys to Kobe Bryant. They would be Jazz monkeys.

Becky said...

I was referred to this giveaway by Stefany at Pike's Pickles, so be sure to give her an extra entry--but let me win anyway ;)! My birthday was last week and you should see the sad list of items I received (posted on my blog), so I really deserve these monkeys.

The family said...

I totally would have been happy with the snowglobe and the vanilla candle would have been the icing on the cake.

Della (Darling)
You see I brought all my friends. They all came to see me win the flying monkeys. They really hate to be let down.

Dang girl you are REALLY creative.

Anonymous said...

Please give the monkeys to Stefany Pike; she's an old friend of mine (since we were nutty teenagers). She doesn't usually ask for stuff but she really seems to want the things. Maybe for Christmas gifts for her numerous children, who knows?
Thanks, Lynniece

Patti said...

screaming monkeys are the best! Was able to buy one earlier this year and my husband gave me a hard time for only buying one! Now all the boys argue over it so it is mine. Great fun to surprise people by having it fly at them screaming! Husband and boys would really love to have their own.

Granny said...

I really, really want the slingshot monkeys to spice up our family gathering at Christmas. Everyone thinks the foam disk guns are old hat now. However, after reading the comments I think Victoria deserves them!

The family said...

Della -

Girlfiend, look me in the eye. Pretty please, I need the slinging monkeys allright? HAND EM OVER AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT!

Love ya !

lekiM said...


Congrats on 10,000. But don't worry about entering me in the giveaway, I already have 10 monkeys here in Iraq.


I am Boymom said...

Della - If you click here on my name and check out my latest blog post regarding my cat's desire to "love" the stuffed animals in our house, you would see how having six screaming slingshot monkeys to shoot in his general direction during these romantic moments may indeed actually cure him of his addiction. I NEED those monkeys before anymore stuffed animals are brutally attacked and deflowered! And my boys would love them too.

The family said...


Iamboymom totally came from my blog. In case you were keeping track. I have been thinking about her poor cat and its issues. If I were to win - I would totally share one of my monkeys with her cat.

shrinkingme said...

LOL!!!! If Victoria doesn't win a barrel of screaming monkeys, there is truly an injustice being done here! And you know, I have 5 real life like screaming monkeys I could contribute to your stash-wait, those are my kids. *sigh* I guess nevermind on that note, but it would be a "scream" to win one anyhooo... :)

Administrator Alice said...

YOU are the Woman
You're the best
What an accomplishment
What a way to celebrate
I can believe it because your blog is the best!
And last but not least, Please put me in the give away I would LOVE to have some screaming monkeys when things get a bit to close to screaming people around here. Aunt Alice

The family said...

Della -

Remember tomorrow is the big day. Remember how much I need the monkeys. You know more than most how crazy stressful my life has been. You are able to read between the blog lines.