Sunday, November 9, 2008

My (Half) Marathon

The sunset last night was gorgeous.
I took it as a good omen.
Here is me in piratey garb before the race started.
The web site encouraged runners to dress up like pirates, but I only saw 3 others who did.
But I had a blast doing it.
(It was kind of hard to find buccaneer get up that I could run in).
This is my runner buddy Laura. We've been training together, and we ran together for about 9 miles. Then she left me in the dust.
This was the starting line. It was about 52 degrees outside. But warmed up into the low 60's while we were running. It was just about perfect.
I took this at about 2 miles. You can see the bay in the distance. We had to run over that bay later.
This house is not actually tilting, but it looks like that because I was running when I took the pic.
This was about 3 miles in. Mile marker 7. That means just over halfway.
Going up the big bridge over the bay. It was a big long hill. Luckily, it was the only one.
(I think I can, I think I can)
Going down was a whole lot easier. If you look clear ahead you can see the road stretching out for a long way. (This pic was taken at about the same place that the picture of the sunset was taken last night).
After the finish line, Me and Laura met up again, stretched out, got our medals (that's the aarrgh strap around our necks), and walked, yes, walked, back to the hotel. (It wasn't far).
Sorry I didn't take any pics of the finish line, but all I wanted to do was get across it, (as the Rocky Theme Song was playing on my ipod), and pulling my camera out for a pic was not a priority.
This was later at a place called Brew Thru, where you drive your car right through the convenience store and they bring what you want right to the window.
Hooray for Cherry Pepsi.
It was soo much fun.
I am elevating and icing my knee as I type. Funny how it didn't hurt at all while I was running, but it sure does now.
My next race?
Probably the Turkey Trot 10K on Thanksgiving morning.
Hooray Me!


Chuck and Nancy said...

!yea! Congratulations. 10 years or 15 years ago I would not have predicted that you would be running marathons! Love, Mom

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Beautiful post! Thanks!

Tracy said...

Cool pics! I'm still so impressed! I don't think I've ever run that far - even if you add up all the times I've run in my life. LOL!

lekiM said...

Great Job.

I'm looking forward to running one with you next fall.


Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

wow, as i read about you and running, I am feeling motivated. but when will i fit it in? and running during a SD winter, does not sound like a good idea.

Della Hill said...

Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, but 10 years ago it was definitely not in the forseeable future.
Thanks for reading. I also really appreciate your comments.
Thanks, I was surprised at how easy it was to start running. You might be too if you tried. (wink)
I am super excited about running with you. But I am also super excited about you just being here, whether we are running or not.
Oh, and by the way, I told your daughter to ask you to take her bungee jumping.
Doesn't your college have a gym?
I am sure they have treadmills. Do you have time between classes now and then? Just a thought.
Thanks everyone for your support.

shrinkingme said...

Deyrah, YOU ROCK!!!!!! I am so dang proud of you. Isn't running such a stress reliever? I miss it, I really need to get back to pounding the pavement. I wish I could've been there with you, you do inspire ;)so thanks for sharing!
I miss you...