Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Scriptures, My Favorite Iphone App

I only got my iphone 2 months ago, and I have loved it.
It does so many awesome things.
Including making my bag lighter because it has so many features I can leave many of my otherwise necessary items at home, or even lose them all together.
The iphone comes with many cool programs and features already, but you can go to the app store (short for application, I think), and download even more.
Many of these apps are free. Some you have to pay to get.
I downloaded a solitaire app called Solebon for 99 cents that has about 30 solitaire games.
And one of my favorites is the lightaber app. So cool. Basically I have my own lightsaber now. Just in case I encounter any wandering Sith on my way to check the mail.
But, while the lightsaber app is a close second, my absolute favorite app for my iphone is the scripture app.
I used to carry a 25 pound bag to church that carried every manual and book I thought I might need.
No more.
While there are free scripture apps available that are tailored to meet the needs of most any religion, being that I am Mormon I sought out the ones that offered the 4 LDS Standard Works.

I tried a few free apps, but eventually invested 15 bucks (the most I have paid for any app) in my scriptures app, by
This app was not only worth 15 dollars, it was worth it's weight in gold plates.
A regular set of scriptures from Deseret Book will run 60-100$, and won't include all the features this one does.
This set of scriptures includes everything you see here:
Not only the 4 standard works, but also:
-The US Constitution
-The Joseph Smith Translation
-Topical Guide
-Bible Dictionary
-The LDS Hymnbook
-The Children's songbook
-Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith
-Preach My Gospel
-Book of Mormon Study Guide
-Book of Mormon Teacher's manual
And other references such as:
-True to the Faith
-The Living Christ
-For the Strength of Youth
-Family Proclamation
-Lectures on Faith

It even has all the talks from the last 4 General Conferences,

and a quote reference guide that will bring up quotes on almost any topic, searchable in alphabetical order.


I almost don't need to take anything else to church with me anymore.

It rocks!

And now I have this treasure trove of spiritual knowledge with me wherever I go.


If you would love to have this, but don't want to commit to a 2 year contract with AT&T, you have one other option.

The ipod touch offers everything that the iphone does except, well, the phone.

And the roaming internet access.

But you could still download this app and carry it instead of your 25 pound church bag.

And when you get bored during Sacrament Meeting you can play games on it.

I mean, um, look up quotes that would be relevant to the talks being given. (Yeah, that's what you should do).

But make sure you're not late to class because you're showing off your level 80 World of Warcraft Character to your friends in the hall with the Warcraft Characters app. (Guilty smile).


Chuck and Nancy said...

I've been taking the Std Works to church on my PDA for years. It looks like I need to upgrade because I do not have all those things.
In mine I can underline and book mark the scriptures. I would guess this allows at least that.
My hard copies have my chiasmus findings. I looking forward to seeing if this will let me mark chiasmus.

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

The scriptures are AWESOME! ♥ Hugs!

Lynn said...

WOW Della ! Thanks for the in depth lowdown on your Iphone goodies.

A couple of years ago, we got bigger print Quads and they weigh a ton along with all the other essentials we have to carry to church.

Now I know what I want Santa to put in my stocking this year !

lekiM said...

Sounds fun, and every time I see Mike looking at his Palm in sacrament I'm sure its quotes he is looking for too;)

mdjensen said...

Glad you like the Scriptures app! Here is a direct link if people want to download it directly, or you can just go to and click the link there...

The family said...

Where can I get one. Man, all this technology in one place...COOL.