Friday, November 7, 2008


Present somewhere in this slight confusion,
Uniquely oblique in its direction,
Zealously look and find the connection,
Zigzagging unto the ultimate line,
Lingering but briefly on its design.
Inquisitive minds the truth soon complete.
Nonchalantly you, too, can make ends meet,
Glimpse opportunely and see the solution.
Explain. Can you find the solution?
It seems confusing at first. But the answer is really simple.
Can you figure it out?


Chuck and Nancy said...

Yep. I found it rather quickly. Mostly because I looked at first things first.

Carrie and Karl said...

Thanks for the hint Dad, I found the answer too.

The family said...


I dont get it how do you think like this? You must have an entire quadrant of the brain that I don't have.


Lydia said...

got it

Della Hill said...

Dad gave the best hint when he said to look at first things first.
Look down the left side of the paragraph.
See it?
Grats to everyone that got it.

lekiM said...

what are you guys talking about!!!

Della Hill said...

Look at the letters that begin each line and read them vertically starting at the top.
It spells PUZZLING.