Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I am Proud of My Country

It's (finally) over.
Barrack Obama will lead our country for the next 4 years.
There are many things I don't like about Mr. Obama and things I disagree with him on.
But then again, I didn't like McCain a whole lot better.
The next 4 years will be hard for whoever sits in the oval office.
Our country is fighting a lot of tough battles right now. Some literally, but many figuratively.
When it comes down to it. The president actually has less power than it seems like he does.
(But it sure is easy to blame him when things go wrong).
According to one article I read this morning, after all precincts have their final counts and All absentee ballots have been accounted for, it is predicted that 136.6 million Americans will have voted.
This is a 64.1% turnout rate. Meaning that 2 out of 3 Americans who were eligible to vote did.
This is the highest turnout rate since 100 years ago in 1908, when the turnout was 65.7%.
But, if you were awake for any amount of time in your history classes, you will remember that in 1908 Women and Blacks were not allowed to vote.
So in this election the American people cared more, and acted like they cared more, than they ever have in the history of our country.
We could argue about the motivations people had for voting and the amount that they truly educated themselves on the issues. But in the end all of that is moot.
The fact is that this election, the candidates, the issues, the problems our country is facing, got more americans out of their chairs and to the polls than ever before.
And that is something to be proud of.
And while this particular point was something that I did not factor into my personal voting, there were many who did, and I am proud that our country has finally gotten to the point that a black man has been elected by the people to be President.
So whether or not you voted for Obama or for the state representatives that will be representing you, the fact is that we as a people elected these men and women, using a system that I believe was created by the founders of our country under divine guidance.
We have pushed God out of our schools, and too often, out of our hearts, but he still loves us.
He still loves this country and will guide us as long as we give him the chance.
So I will pray for God to guide our President Elect, Mr. Obama, and our other leaders.
And I will thank God every day for the privilege of living in this great country, and the opportunities that come with it.
God bless the United States of America.
And God bless our leaders too.


Anonymous said...

I could not have said it any better!
I read your blog through Pikes Pickles.
God Bless America!!!


Della Hill said...

Oh, Nana!
I read your comments on PP all the time.
Thank you!

Mommom said...

That was well said, ma'am.

Living on the Spit said...

Your post is very moving and wonderful. I think the whole world needs to read this post.

I couldn't agree more!

Yes, God bless the United States of America!!

lekiM said...

That was a really good post. but I still can't get over it. when I told my siblings who was our president they all screamed in somewhat unison" NoOOOO, we are all gonna die!!!"

Sonja says hi

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Thank you

Chuck and Nancy said...

Thanks for the concepts.
At this point in our country I think we each need to daily pray for us and our country. To maintain it as a place of personal freedoms, a place of opportunity. And we should add something along the line of that each person will take the opportunity to grow and develop.

The family said...

Great Post ! Way to rally the troops. Am I now known as PP ? eww.

Tom and Lillie Wilkinson said...

Della, I want to thank you for all that you say and the effort you put into your blog. I have been thinking along these lines and you said it very well.

Chet and Liz Hugo said...

Well said. I agree.--Liz

Tracy said...

Wow! I really admire you. I'm proud to be an American, but I don't quite have your attitude. I'm so scared that the moral fiber of our country is so depleted that people are making dumb decisions when they vote. And I just can't see how Obama's plans will work when the character and integrity of the people isn't addressed at all.

But I didn't like McCain any better, either. No matter which way it went, I figured the next four years will be interesting and difficult. It was upsetting to me that McCain and Obama were the best our country had to offer.

So I'm hoping that we can all raise super righteous kids who will grow up and be president!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your feelings.

TnT Bingham said...

Great attitude Della! I loved this post. Thanks for your wisdom and perspective!

Della Hill said...

I don't think I have had this many comments since I bashed nutrasweet.
And it's only 2:00.
Thanks for your support everyone.
On this post as well as through your everyday readership.

Tracy said...

Nutrasweet?!?! How could you bash Nutrasweet? Isn't that in Diet Pepsi???

(P.S. I had a friend once who swore it gives you brain cancer. I still drink Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke because I figured if that was true, it was probably already too late for me anyway.)

Della Hill said...

Yes, Tracy, I bashed nutra sweet.
It turned out to be one of my most controvercial posts ever.
You might enjoy reading it.
I posted about it on June 18th of this year, with a follow up post on the 19th as well.
Actually, when I looked those up just now I realized that todays post generated more comments than even those did. Though todays are supportive and not all of those comments were.
Oh, the blogging memories.

Carrie and Karl said...

I agree with your post. You are good at putting into words the things I'm feeling in my heart.

Administrator Alice said...

Della I really appreciated your post and believe our country needs our prayers and any efforts we can make on it's behalf. We need to write our congressman and let them know our beliefs and values. I voted for Obama and was very glad to have him win this historical election but I have great fear that our nation will not take this as a time to work together in a bipartisan manner so that we can effect real change. We also need to educate all of our elected officials on what we believe the consequence of coming decisions might be. I love you and God Bless America and Barak Obama. Alice

Chuck and Nancy said...

I have been listening to a conservative african-american commentator for months declare his concerns about Obamas politics. On Tuesday he reported on the historic nature of our electing an African American. There was a momentary quiver in his voice, and I could tell that. politics aside, there was great pride that our country is finally becoming color blind. A Black Man can be elected President! WOW!

Did you notice that Prop 8 passed in California. There is also significance in that.