Monday, November 17, 2008

My Marathon Pics Are In

If you want to see pictures of me running my half marathon last week in my cool piratey running getup, click on >>>this link<<<.
There are 7 pics of me running. Including me crossing the finish line.
The pics from my first half marathon a couple months ago looked like I wasn't actually having much fun, even though I thought I was. So every time I saw the camera pointed at me this time I tried to smile and look like I was having a really good time.
I think they turned out a lot better on this run.
Plus, it was about 30 degrees cooler this time, and I think that helped me look a little less sweaty and red faced.
I know, I make running 13.1 miles look easy.


Chuck and Nancy said...

I know that doing something fun is often more internal than external. Thanks for the pix.
I hope you continue to enjoy it.
Any one in your family starting to run yet? DAD

The family said...

Hooray for you! Great pirate costume.

Tracy said...

Hey chica! Really cool pics!

I was just in Virginia last week -- loved it! It's so pretty to see actual seasons with the leaves turning colors and falling all over the ground. (We don't have seasons in southern CA. It's like an eternal summer that cools down a little in the winter.)

Lynn said...

Wow, good job ! What dedication !

I prefer a bike or a car myself... and thanks for stopping by at my blog.It was fun to get your comments this morning !