Saturday, November 1, 2008

The New Guest House

While this may just look like a messy living room, and you may think I have let my children run amok with pillows and blankets, let me assure you this is actually a very well designed guest house, with 3 bedrooms including a master suite and a jail.Yes, I said Jail.
Can you guess who was in the jail?
Anytime you want to come visit you are welcome to stay in the guest house.
Though we may have to rebuild it for you.
Here is one more pic of J (I caught him with his mouth open).
He seems to have an ongoing issue with the original design of our couches and the intended placement of the pillows.
Yes, I also know I have blogged pics of my kids forts before, but every work of art should be immortalized.

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lekiM said...

I love it and think they should be celebrated.